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Daily Inspirations and Motivational Quotes

Your fortune cookie every day!

**Daily Inspirations and Motivational Quotes**
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Please take one of our buttons and place it on your userinfo page and let others know there's a positive place to come to:

Your fortune cookie every day!

Positive people are magnetic! A positive attitude is contagious! This community is open to all members of live journal. It contains powerful inspirational thoughts, words, quotes, and imagery. An excellent way to meet and surround yourself with positive LJ'ers. Become LJ friends with people who have goals and want to move in life that aren't necessarily all about drama!!! Feel free to watch. Feel free to post. Discussion and expressing your thoughts or feelings about any particular quote is highly encouraged.

Please observe the following guidelines when posting to this community:

Post the reference from which the quote came. Proper credit to the author is good karma.

The same goes for any artwork.

Please post inspirational artwork and inspirational song lyrics either behind an lj-cut tag, or make the post "friends only". This will cut down the load time on the journals. --Again, don't forget to post proper credit.

There are so many inspirational quotes worth sharing that it can be difficult to post only one! However, to keep from spamming our friend view, please try to keep your posts limited to one or two gems per day. If you find more, feel free to add additionals to your first or second post in the comment section of that post (or even posts with a similar message.) The more the merrier, just please remember that balance is also a good practice.

If you would like to post any of the gems you've found on this journal in your own journal, please let others know that you found them atdaily_gems and help spread the word!

If you are going to use space here to advertise your quote-community, please use some of the space on your journal to link to us in reciprocation. I like to help. Just please think of us in return for posting adverts. Irrelevant posts will be deleted.

Click here to watch this community. Thank you and welcome!

Please forward any questions or suggestions and comments to the maintainer of this community.

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More on the way! For inspirational icons, visit the sister site: successicons.

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